Collection: Used Epson PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD Projectors

Used Epson PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD Projectors - A collection of pre-owned, powerful projectors, perfect for delivering bright, wide-screen presentations in various settings. Despite their used condition, these projectors are maintained and tested to ensure they meet the performance and reliability standards equivalent to brand-new models.

Epson PowerLite 915W is an advanced projector that ensures outstanding presentations with its impressive 3200 lumens of both color brightness and white brightness. With its native resolution of 1280 x 800 (WXGA), the projector produces HD widescreen images, ideal for detailed presentations and vibrant multimedia content.

Equipped with a microphone input and a premium 16W speaker, the PowerLite 915W is designed for classroom environments, ensuring that all students hear the lesson clearly, without the need for additional costly speakers or straining the presenter's voice. This projector supports HDMI connectivity, allowing quick and easy connection to laptops or Blu-ray® players to enrich presentations with exciting content.

The projector also offers optional wireless connectivity via a high-speed LAN module (sold separately), providing flexibility in device connectivity and setup. Moreover, it possesses advanced networking capabilities to save time and resources. These features allow you to present content over the network for multi-room presentations or digital signage, as well as monitor and control networked projectors remotely.

"Used Epson PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD Projectors" category is a valuable choice for schools, businesses, or organizations seeking cost-effective, high-quality projection solutions. These used projectors, thanks to Epson's reputation for durable and high-performing products, continue to deliver bright and vibrant presentations, facilitating effective communication and learning.