Collection: Epson PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD Projectors for Sale

Illuminate your presentations and captivate any classroom with the vibrant images from our range of PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD Projectors. This category of leading-edge projectors ensures brilliant, ultra-bright presentations in any setting with 3200 lumens of both color and white brightness.

Each projector in this category boasts a native resolution of 1280 x 800 (WXGA) for HD widescreen viewing. They are equipped with Epson's 3LCD, 3-chip optical engine, known for its superior color accuracy and detail. This ensures your presentations are always clear, vivid, and engaging, no matter the light conditions in the room.

One of the standout features of the PowerLite 915W projectors is their comprehensive connectivity options. They include an all-digital, HDMI audio, and video connection, providing HD quality with just one cable. This quick and easy connection to your laptop or Blu-ray player can significantly enhance your presentations with exciting multimedia content.

For those in need of a wireless solution, these projectors offer optional wireless connectivity with a high-speed LAN module, which is available for purchase separately. The advanced networking capabilities of the PowerLite 915W are designed to save you time and money. You can present content over the network, broadcast essential messages, and even monitor and control networked projectors remotely.

Moreover, these projectors come with a built-in microphone input and a premium 16W speaker, ensuring all students can hear the lesson clearly without straining their voices or needing additional costly speakers.

Explore our selection of PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD Projectors for sale, and elevate your teaching or presentation experience to new heights of clarity and impact.