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Collection: Epson Interactive Projectors

Step into the future of dynamic presentations and collaborative learning with Epson Interactive Projectors. Designed to bring interactivity to any environment, these projectors combine state-of-the-art projection technology with intuitive interactive features, transforming your presentations, classroom lessons, and business meetings into engaging, collaborative experiences.

Epson Interactive Projectors are built on Epson's advanced 3LCD, 3-chip technology, offering up to 3x brighter colors than leading competitive projectors. They deliver high color brightness and white brightness, ensuring vivid and crystal-clear images that make your presentations come alive. These projectors also support high-definition resolutions, making them suitable for a wide variety of content types, from detailed graphs and diagrams to HD videos and photos.

But the real highlight of Epson Interactive Projectors is the interactive capability. They come with innovative features like pen- and touch-based interactivity (pen sold separately), allowing you to annotate directly onto the projected image. This makes them ideal for classrooms and corporate settings, facilitating interactive learning and collaboration. Some models also offer multi-user interactivity, enabling several participants to interact with the projected content simultaneously, further enhancing the collaborative experience.

Epson Interactive Projectors also include network connectivity options, allowing you to share and compare work from multiple devices (USB WiFi module required). With the wireless projection feature, you can project from a variety of devices such as PC, MAC, Chromebook, iOS, and Android devices, making it easier than ever to share and discuss ideas.

With Epson Interactive Projectors, you're not just making a presentation – you're creating a shared, interactive experience that encourages participation and enhances understanding. Explore our range and take your presentations and lessons to the next level.