Collection: Epson Classroom Projectors

Epson Classroom Projectors - These projectors are specifically designed to enhance learning environments, promoting interactive, collaborative, and engaging sessions for students of all ages.

Epson Classroom Projectors combine innovative technology and outstanding performance, offering high color brightness and white brightness for vivid, clear images. With Epson's 3LCD, 3-chip technology, these projectors ensure true-to-life color reproduction and detail, even in well-lit classrooms.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in a learning environment, many of these projectors come with 1.6x optical zoom for easy, flexible installation. Whether you need to project onto a small whiteboard or a large screen, you'll always get sharp images.

Moreover, Epson Classroom Projectors are designed to be user-friendly and versatile. Features such as advanced network control for remote projector management, wireless projection capabilities, and HDMI connectivity make these projectors ideal for modern, connected classrooms. With the moderator device management software, instructors can wirelessly share and compare students' work from multiple devices, simultaneously.

Several models even offer long-lasting, low-cost lamps, providing up to 10,000 hours of use in ECO Mode. This ensures a lower total cost of ownership, making them a cost-effective choice for educational institutions.

Explore our range of Epson Classroom Projectors and find the ideal solution to transform your teaching and learning experience. With Epson, you can trust in reliable performance, exceptional image quality, and a wealth of features designed to support education.