Collection: Ceiling Mounted Epson Projectors

Elevate your viewing experience to a professional level with our range of Ceiling Mounted Epson Projectors.

Note: These used projectors are sold with no ceiling mount included but they are mountable to your ceiling.

Designed for both function and style, these projectors deliver top-quality visual performance while seamlessly blending into your space. Whether for a home theater, a conference room, or a classroom, Epson's ceiling-mounted solutions provide an immersive viewing experience from every angle.

Epson's Ceiling Mounted Projectors take advantage of both the high ceilings and open space in many venues as well as short-throw ceiling-mounted projectors, to project large, high-quality images without shadows or obstructions. These projectors, many equipped with Epson's advanced 3LCD technology, deliver stunning, color-accurate, and bright images that can easily be seen by everyone in the room, regardless of their seating position.

Many of these projectors, particularly the short-throw projectors, are equipped with motorized zoom, focus, and lens shift, allowing for flexible and precise adjustments even after installation.

Not only do these projectors offer excellent image quality, but they also come packed with advanced connectivity options. Many models support wireless streaming and offer compatibility with a range of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

With long-lasting lamps, excellent reliability, and low maintenance requirements, our collection of used Ceiling Mounted Epson Projectors represent a practical and cost-effective solution for your projection needs. Whether you're screening a blockbuster movie at home, presenting data in a business meeting, or teaching in a modern classroom, our range of Epson Ceiling Mounted Projectors ensures you have the perfect tool to impress your audience. Explore the collection today.