Collection: Epson HDMI Connected Projectors

Experience cutting-edge display technology and seamless connectivity with our range of Epson HDMI Connected Projectors. These projectors are equipped with High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports, enabling high-quality digital video and audio signals to be transmitted over a single cable.

Whether you're planning a movie night at home, preparing an engaging presentation for the office, or setting up an interactive lesson in a classroom, these projectors deliver stunning visuals and rich audio that captivate your audience. With most of these projectors also featuring Epson's advanced 3LCD technology, each projector in this category ensures vibrant colors, clear images, and impressive brightness levels.

HDMI connectivity allows for easy setup and instant enjoyment. Connect a wide range of devices like Blu-ray players, game consoles, laptops, or streaming devices, and enjoy your favorite content in high-definition. Many models even include multiple HDMI ports, allowing you to switch between sources without having to unplug and plug in different devices.

The Epson HDMI Connected Projectors are not just about excellent image quality and convenient connectivity. They also offer features like high lamp life, eco-friendly modes, and various network connectivity options, including Wi-Fi in certain models.

No matter the size or purpose of your space, we have an Epson HDMI Connected Projector to suit your needs. Explore our range and bring home the combination of high-quality visuals and seamless digital connectivity.